GDRI Sense-South

GDRI Sense SouthInnovative Sensors and IoT Telecommunication Networks for Environmental Surveillance in Southern Countries





The GDRI Sense-South brings together partners from the North and the South who are already working on the use of e-sensors in agriculture in the context of breeding with in situ sensors on board animals (WAZIUP project) or even on monitoring. of the erosion of maritime coasts by the exploitation of coastal webcams (projects in Vietnam and JEAI RELIFORME in Cameroon) or on the control of water purification in soils (SmartCleanGarden Concept project coordinated by Eco&Sols and EPURTEK with USTH and IET in Vietnam, and with UCAD and LMI IESOL in Senegal). Another more original application is the opportunistic exploitation, for environmental monitoring, of more or less buried information which passes through these networks: for example in the measurement of the attenuation of the signals between telephone antennas for meteorological forecasting (IRD SMART / RAINCELL project).



Funding from GDRI-South will be dedicated primarily for the mobility of North-South and South-South researchers and students, as well as for cross-functional projects between countries such as those linked to applications for sustainable smart cities (existing projects in Douala and Ho Chi Minh City) and environmental monitoring (existing SmartCleanGarden projects in Vietnam and Senegal, Smart/Rain Cell in Senegal and Cameroon).

Eco&Sols Involvement

IoT testing of continuous in-situ measurements of water and nutrient flows in soils and laboratory control. Application to the SmartCleanGarden concept project.

Expected Results

Deployment of e-sensors networks for environmental monitoring in Southern countries. In this context, use low-cost e-sensors to measure physical, chemical or biological characteristics in order to have more information. Networking of these sensors in order to measure these phenomena on a large scale by making possible real-time correlations.


2018 - 2021


27 institutions (55 researchers, 5 technicians, 26 PhD+post-PhD)

  • Sorbonne université, IRD, UMMISCO (France, Vietnam, Cameroun, Sénégal), PI
  • IRD, Eco&Sols Montpellier (France, Sénégal, Vietnam)
  • U La Rochelle, L3i (France)
  • INRIA, IMT Lille (France)
  • UGB, Centre Excellence Africaine MITIC, Saint-Louis (Sénégal)
  • Thuy Loi U, JEAI Warm, IRD, Thuy Loi (Vietnam)
  • VAST, IET, Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • USTH, STIC, Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • LMI IESol, ISRA, Dakar (Sénégal)
  • ENS Polytech Yaoundé, Masecness, Yaoundé (Cameroun)
  • Etc…



Contact and Informations

Didier Orange, UMR Eco&Sols, IRD Dakar

email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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