Nutrients and ecological intensification


Theme 2 “Nutrients and ecological intensification” sets out to understand the ecological and biogeochemical processes determining the acquisition and use of nutrients by plants in agroecosystems.






  • Determine the interactions between the structure and the functions of roots including the deep soil horizons with respect to mineral nutrition and nutrient and water cycles
  • Take account of the uneven distribution of nutrients and live organisms in the soil in hot spots (rhizosphere, residue sphere) within plots and beyond
  • Apply ecological theories to mixed plantations, associating nitrogen-fixing and non-nitrogen-fixing plants
  • Define the mechanisms coupling and closing nutrient cycles taking account of ecological stoichiometry theory
  • Develop field tools for plant nutrient availability analysis


Team leaders

Isabelle Bertrand & Christophe Jourdan

FaLang translation system by Faboba