Masse Dominique

Changements d’usage des terres dans les agro-systèmes d’Afrique sub-saharienne. Propriétés des sols et dynamique des matières organiques

HDR soutenue le 15 Octobre 2007 - INPT-ENSAT de Toulouse

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    During the last decades, social, economical or environmental changes have modified land use systems. Consequently, soil processes such as the dynamic of soil organic matter have been altered. Therefore the sustainability of West African farming systems relies very much on the management of organic resources. Moreover, it is so crucial importance to investigate the dynamics of these organic resources at different scales from the aggregates to the farming systems. After having explored this scientific field, the development of my research will focus on the importance of the primary production on the spatial organisation of the main determinants responsible for SOM dynamic (e.g. soil biota, organic substrates). The hypothesis that it low input farming systems relies on the spatial organisation of soil properties have to be tested.

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