Biodiversity and Ecological functions in soils


Theme 1 “Biodiversity and Ecological functions in soils”


This research theme (Tdr1) aims to understand soil processes derived from biological interactions in agroecosystems, and under agronomic and climatic drivers. Our scale of interest begins from hotspots and hot moments to soil profiles, field and cropping season. Our research integrates works performed by Tdr2 and Tdr3 to design tools and to propose new agroecological insights.

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Reaching our goal passes by 3 issues represented by the 3 arrows of our scheme:

1- Identify key ecological processes (arrow 1): describe, understand and model the role of the diverse biotic and abiotic soil components, and of their interactions, in the realization of the ecological functions.

2- Pilot key ecological processes (arrow 2): in a context of climate change and agroecological transition, understand how agroecological practices best drive the soil ecological functions through their effect on hosted organisms and on interactions between biotic and abiotic components.

3- Upscale processes to services (arrow 3): evaluate the importance of ecological processes assessed at microscale for the ecological services rendered at larger scale.



Team leaders

Laetitia Bernard & Mickael Hedde


FaLang translation system by Faboba

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