Bresil EcosolsIn Brazil Eco&Sols works closely with the University of Sao Paulo (USP) in Itatinga and with São Paulo State University (UNESP).

The 3 research themes of Eco&Sols are studied in permanent mixed and single species eucalyptus and acacia plantations.

In Itatinga, a eucalyptus plantation has been equipped with instruments to study the effect of water and potassium availability on primary production and resource use efficiency. Two permanent 17 m deep pits have been set up to monitor root dynamics (with observation windows and minirhizotron). Another experiment, also with a high level of instrumentation, has been set up to study the functioning of mixed plantations in a 2nd rotation of E. grandis - A. mangium, together with other sylvicultural trials on this aspect.

An eddy-covariance system close to the site continuously monitors water, carbon and energy exchanges between the plantations and the atmosphere.

The data from all the sites are used to parameterise and validate models of the plantation functioning, which are spatialised using soil maps and satellite images.

Research Projects


  • ORE/SOERE « Observatoire de recherche en environnement »
  • USP (Piracicaba, São-Paulo)
  • UNESP (Botucatu)
  • Embrapa (Rio, Sinop, Campinas)
  • Entreprises (Suzano, Fibria…)
  • Cirad (UMR AGAP, UMR AMAP, UPR BioWood)


Paula, R.R.,  Bouillet, J.P., Trivelin, P.C.O., Zeller, B., Gonçalves, J.L.M., Nouvellon, N., Bouvet, J.M., Plassard, C., Laclau, J.P., 2015. Evidence of short-term belowground transfer of nitrogen from Acacia mangium to Eucalyptus grandis trees in a tropical planted forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 91, 99-108.

Christina, M., le Maire, G.,  Battie-Laclau, P., Nouvellon, N., Bouillet, J.P., Jourdan, C., Gonçalves, J.L.M., Laclau, J.P., 2014. Measured and modeled interactive effects of potassium deficiency and water deficit on gross primary productivity and light use efficiency in Eucalyptus grandis plantations. Global Change Biology, 21, 2022-2039.

Educational courses

MSc et PhD "Ecological intensification of forest plantations" at University of Sao Paolo - Luiz de Queiro College of Agriculture (USP-Esalq) (120 hours tuition/tutorials)


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Tel : +55 19 997415475

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